All of our products are related to chemical analysis outlined on the packaging, defining the good category and containing all the information that the consumer need to know when buying the product.


Quality control System in “HI NO” saffron company is launched as a procedure to ensure the quality of our products.

The main purpose of the system is to make sure that company products meet the specified needs in related standards.

Quality of products is controlled according to ISO -1and 1-259 & 2-259 international standards.
Is a ranking based on the least needed qualities of saffron. Measurable elements in saffron Quality Control are very important including: Crocin( for color), picrocrocin (flavor), saffronal (aroma).

The more the amount of these elements, the higher the quality of saffron. We enclose the results of spectophotometric experiments for our clients to show them the quantities of crocin( coloring power), picrocrocin( flavor) saffronal( aroma). In addition, Iranian Standard Certificate, as an official organization for Saffron quality analysis. Products of “HINO” saffron company pass different experiments in our labs.

The physical, chemical, and micro -biological characteristics of saffron are checked and analyzed. Our offered to market-products, hold ISO international standards. Processing, sorting, and packing of our saffron is done under the supervision of our trained and experienced personnel by applying defined systems. Weight variation of our products is offered to dear customers from 3 grams to 5 kilos (bulk packing) in relation to market demand

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